Design House Showcase at "Poster Neutra"

Modernica, Tom&John Reistetter, NoHo Modern, Cletus Dalglish, Sunset Orange, Steven King, Built


Sat&Sun, May 27-28, 10AM-4PM @ 6847 Radford Ave, 91605

Ten dollar admission with all proceeds going to Neutra's VDL House in Silverlake,
owned and operated by Cal Poly, Pomona
In 1960, at the zenith of his career, Richard Neutra met with a young couple with little land and less money. At the end of their interview, Richard declared,"People think I only design homes for the rich - but the promise of my architecture is housing for the masses, I'll take your commission!"
The eight unit apartment building on an irregular lot in a modest neighborhood that resulted shows what a master at the height of his powers can do with tight constraints, a small space and a smaller budget. This recently restored building creates a special opportunity to create a modernist "design house" where designers can bring their own individual vision to each apartment - without impinging on each other as they might do in a single house. See these views of how Neutra's REAL space can be used in REAL life - for the masses (and even in NoHo!) That is the promise.


Sponsored by: Not-A-Box Housing Inc, John McIntyre-Historic Real Estate Specialist, Mike Resnick